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Open Tuning EG#BEBE – Key of E Major

It’s Monday in Alt Tuning Land and I’m really excited and inspired after listening to the most amazing podcast ever! Jude Gold, fellow guitar player and host of the podcast No Guitar Is Safe interviews Kevin Cadogan, founding member and former songwriter and guitarist of Third Eye Blind. Jude and Kevin

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EG#BEG#E Tuning

Open Tuning EG#BEG#E – Open E – Key of E Major

Click here for your FULL 167-chord Alt Tuning Chord Chart – only $1.99 each! Click here to download and print your FREE 36-chord Alt Tuning Chord Chart – EG#BEG#E “Open E” in E Major. Today is alt tuning #127 since starting on January 1, 2016. My open string

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