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If you have any experience playing in alternate tuning, you know that it can be frustrating. Not only can it be hard to find your way around the fretboard with the notes in different locations, but if you’re not careful, *you can break a lot of strings!

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If guitarists can learn how to play alternate tuning easily, and find their way around the fretboard no matter the tuning or scale, then hopefully we can all break out of the typical chords and chord voicings and write songs that sound interesting and more original. Alternate tuning inspires creativity by rearranging the order of the notes as they are typically heard.

*The tunings posted on this website are easy on the strings. This means no tuning will go lower than 2 whole steps or higher than 1 whole step unless otherwise noted. Depending on the string gauge you use, some tunings (especially when tuned down 2 whole steps), may make the strings sound “floppy” or hard to keep in tune. If I’m jamming, writing or posting videos of improvisations, I don’t worry about this. When it’s time to record for an actual release, I make sure the string gauge works for the tuning I’m in. This might require buying custom gauges or individual strings to give me the best results. 

Scott Quillin

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