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C Aeolian Mode

Open Tuning CGCD#CC – Key of D# Major

Today is alt tuning #164 since starting on January 1, 2016. My open string notes are: CGCD#CC Get your FREE 36-chord Guitar Tunings Chord Charts of open tuning CGCD#CC (Open Cm) in the Key of D# Major below, in 4 different formats! #

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D#GCGCD# Tuning

Open Cm Tuning – D#GCGCD# – Herky Jerky

Today’s alternate tuning is Open Cm Tuning with the following open string notes: D# G C G C D# Today’s song/idea, in Open Cm Tuning, is titled “Herky Jerky” and is in the key of C Natural Minor: Here are the scale notes,

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